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cPanel is the industry leading hosting platform that turns standalone servers into fully-automated point and click web interfaces.

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Fantastico Deluxe

All plans come with Fantastico Deluxe! Fantastico Deluxe integrates with cPanel and gives users the ability to to install many popular scripts that would otherwise require seasoned developers to implement.

Setup an Addon-Domain using cPanel

Setting up Subdomains

You can setup an addon-domains in cPanel very easily. An "addon domain" is simply another domain that is setup on the same server as your other domains. Many times we end up with plenty of allocated space on our servers, so it makes no sense to purchase more when we have the ability to host as many dmains as we want. Creating an add-on domain provides a unique URL to the site. So, lets begin:

  1. In cPanel, scroll down to the "Domains" section and click on the "Addon Domains." icon.
  2. Before creating an addon domain, make sure the domain has the correct nameservers in place and point to the appropriate DNS. This is done at the domain registrar's web site.
  3. Next, enter the domain name without "http://" or "www."
  4. Then click the "Username/directory/subdomain Name:" textarea. cpanel automatically populates this field with a value based on the domain you provided.
  5. Enter a password of your choice in the "Password" text field.
  6. Click "Add Domain"
  7. Click the "Go Back"link
  8. You have successfully setup an "Addon" domain.

A detailed Video Tutorial on "Creating Addon Domains" is located in our Online Video Library.