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cPanel is the industry leading hosting platform that turns standalone servers into fully-automated point and click web interfaces.

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How Much Bandwidth do I NEED?

Bandwidth is measured by the amount of traffic your site receives. Therefore, if you have a small (less than 20 page) site and your drawing in 50 visitors a day who follow through with consistent goals, you can get away with a modest amount of space. However, if you have a considerable amount of consistent traffic and an ecommerce application using Adword campaigns that are designed to attract more traffic, buy more space.

At Big Daddy's Hosting, we will provide you with more than enough space to host your web site. In fact, we provide enough space to handle a lucrative amount of traffic. This enables you to start focusing on your users rather than worry about if you have enough space or not.

It is important to keep an eye on your site statistics, which are provided to all cPanel users. In fact, when logged in to cPanel, look in the left hand sidebar and you can view your space and bandwidth activity. Using AwStats in cPanel, you can more specifically track that activity and pinpoint specific user demographics.Additonally, we provide all cPanel users with the ability to integrate Google Analytics through cPanel. Google Analytics is the ultimate answer in tracking traffic and user activity.

To conclude, it is very important to keep track of your space and bandwidth allowances. We will always remind you when this is approaching high levels and in need of attention. Additionally, it is most beneficial to get the most out of all the tools we provide for you to see how your site is doing and make educated decisions regarding future changes. AwStats and Google Analytics are two great tools that monitor the details of your site and its users. Both are provided free through cpanel and integration could not be any easier.