Fantastico Deluxe

All plans come with Fantastico Deluxe! Fantastico Deluxe integrates with cPanel and gives users the ability to to install many popular scripts that would otherwise require seasoned developers to implement.


Big Daddy's Hosting: Company Profile

Nurturing Domain Hosting Solution

The one key ingredient that separates us from the pack is that we honestly believe that they call it "hosting" for a reason. Hosting websites is about helping people first. We based our mission on that principle and our purpose is to help you publish your content to the web quickly and without wasting your time and money.

Big Daddy's Hosting was founded on the idea that we could provide a valuable hosting service with all the industry standard features expected, for less money.

We were right and this is how it happened:

Most of us are web developers by trade. As web developers, we have extensive experience hosting web sites and working with hosting companies. Combine years of experience with the new talent we hired in hosting to provide the management skills necessary to survive and we have a valuable addition that aids in effectively helping/hosting a great amount of people and web sites. Take that a step further with a support team that can solve any dilemma a user can come up with in a timely manner and we provide a recipe that "serves" well. Remember, we will NEVER forget that hosting is about helping people first. We knew we had the resources to provide the package but we needed to make sure we did not fall short on service and that's how our business plan started.

Domain Hosting Solution Customer Service

We did not put this company together overnight. We took the time to analyze a sea of markets in order to make sure we could distinctly separate ourselves from them while continuing to focus on our clients first. The key ingredient was the users we already had so we setup a Support Team that makes a definitive difference. We all realize that hosting is about helping people get their sites on the web using a managable environment that provides support when support is needed.

Our clients were very happy with the services they were getting and from what we could tell they had no issues with the hosting we were forwarding so we began the long arduous task of studying the market, our users and their needs. Additionally, we recognized that in order to keep our current clientel we needed to continue to provide great service, regardless! Think about it, we create 100's of sites a year and until Big Daddy's was started we would send our users to other hosting providers who would inevitably hook them up with decent hosting accounts that were tailored with requested provisions that met the sites needs. We simply noticed an opportunity and jumped on it! In doing so, we were not only able to acquire hosting for less money, but we rolled that savings over to all users in order to save you a considerable amount of money and monitor our web based clients resources much more closely. The added joy is to our developers who get to work with our servers, making sure they remain running optimally at all times.

In the end, we created several new jobs for people who know "Hosting" and we get to remain web developers. So essentially, we added a great feature to an already great and lucrative company with a time tested reputation of providing fast, honest and reliable service.

That's our story and were happy to say, we owe it all to our clients and customers!