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Cpanel Control Panel

cPanel is the industry leading hosting platform that turns standalone servers into fully-automated point and click web interfaces.

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SSL Certificate Authority

Absolutely! In fact, when it comes to our clients security, we would not have it any other way. You need to be able to shop with confidence and we need to be able to confidently say that your information and it's encryption is very important to us. You can purchase with confidence at Big Daddy's Hosting.

One Click Script Installs using Fantastico Deluxe

Fantastico Deluxe is a commercial script library that is used with cPanel as an auto-installer for scripts. Many servers that use cPanel enable Fantastico Deluxe to install a wide variety of web applications. There is no need to set up elaborate databases when using Fantastico Deluxe and no framework of any kind is required for its use. By using Fantastico Deluxe you will automatically install scripts in a matter of seconds without complex installation procedures.


WordPress in One Click1

Wordpress is a powerful web blog software built by hundreds of volunteers. It is used for much more than blogging and in utilizing plugins to extend it's functionality makes it an ideal publishing tool. Today, many sites are built on Wordpress themes and the plugins allow them to be truly unique. Using Fantastico Deluxe in cPanel allows you to install Wordpress instantly on any web site you choose. Big Daddy Hosting offers Wordpress Template editing for unsurpassed customization.


WordPress in One Click1

Joomla! is one of the worlds most popular open source content management systems and is highly extendible with it's abundant supply of extensions and plugins. The Joomla software is used by individuals, small to large businesses alike and big corporate organizations, too. Joomla! is used to build a wide variety of web sites and web enabled applications. The interface has somewhat of a learning curve but if your able to follow instructions and like to learn new things, Joomla can provide you with the ability to create a robust web site with dynamic features. Using Fantastico, you can install Joomla! on any domain in your cPanel.


WordPress in One Click1

Drupal is another open source content management platform which powers millions of websites and web applications. Drupal's community is an active and diverse group of people from all over the world who lead in developing modules, themes and additional resources that aid in extending its core functionality. Like many other popular open source content management systems, Drupal is used by both small and large companies. You too, can install Drupal on any domain by using Fantastico Deluxe in cPanel. Fantastico makes the installation almost effortless and creates the databases and necessary provisions instantly. You can find out more about Drupal here.


WordPress in One Click1

phpBB is a free forum software used to create community forums that can be used to keep in touch with groups of people. phpBB can also be used to power entire web sites using it's extensive database of user created modifications and styles. These extensions/modifications can be used to customize your forum board to create a very unique forum in minutes. All hosting plans at Big Daddy's Hosting come packaged with fantasico Deluxe, which enables you to install phpBB on your domain. We offer a wide array of customization solutions for your website. Contact us for a complete analysis on Design/Development.

OS Commerce

WordPress in One Click1

osCommerce is a free open source ecommerce solution wth a large and growing following of store owners, developers and service providers. osCommerce boasts over 6600 free add-ons to help customize the online shop environment. osCommerce has evolved into an "ecommerce framework solution" that remains easy to set up and maintain.


WordPress in One Click1

Mambo is a full-featured content management system that can be used for websites and corporate app's. Mambo is used to power goverenment portals, corporate intranets, extranets, ecommerce sites and more! Mambo is widely known for it's "pwer in simplicity", which makes it a CMS of choice for small businesses and personal websites alike. Mambo is a powerful CMS that is simple enough for everyone to use.


WordPress in One Click1

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database due to high-performance, high reliability and ease of use. Many of the world's largest and fastest growing organizations depend on MySQL to save time and money powering their websites and packaged software. MySQL runs on a variety of platforms including Linux, Wondows, Mac OS, Solaris, HP-UX and IBM, providing a flexibility that puts you in control. With a comprehensive range of database tools, MySQL is for those who are new to database technology and seasoned administrators alike .

Zen Cart

WordPress in One Click1

Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, open source ecommerce software with a large community of shop owners, designers and consultants who believe that ecommerce web design should be done "differently." Zen Cart prides itself for responding to user needs instead of being complicated. Zen Cart further boasts a high level of options, features and support while being so easy to install that "anyone with the most basic web site building and computor skills can do it."


WordPress in One Click1

Perl is a very capable feature-rich programming language with more than 23 years of development behind it. With free online books, over 23,500 extension modules and a large development community, there are several ways to learn Perl. The latest version is Perl 5 and shouldn't be confused with Perl 6, which is a sister language and part of the Perl family.

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