Fantastico Deluxe

All plans come with Fantastico Deluxe, which is integrated with cPanel and gives users the ability to to install many popular scripts that would otherwise require seasoned developers to implement.

Cpanel Control Panel

cPanel is the industry leading hosting platform that turns standalone servers into fully-automated point and click web interfaces.

Username & Password: x3demoa


We offer one of the most comprehensive online video tutorial libraries around. With over 400 tutorials that show detailed views of implemented


Absolutely! In fact, when it comes to our clients security, we would not have it any other way. You need to be able to shop with confidence and we need to be able to confidently say that your information and it's encryption is very important to us. You can purchase with confidence at Big Daddy's.

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Terms of Use

The use of this web site constitues your agreement to the Terms of Use. Big Daddy's Hosting agrees to provide all services stated for the prices agreed at any given time. We further reserve the right to adjust prices whenever we see fit and all previously agreed contracts will be honored until the contract is due for renewal.


You may not use Big Daddy's Hosting network, services or servers to engage in any abusive, illegal or irresponsible behavior including and not limited to: unauthorized access or use of data, systems, networks and servers. You may not make any attempts to scan, test or probe a network or servers vulnerability or breach security in any way. Furthermore, any attempts to do so must accompany the express written consent of the owner of Big Daddy's. That means a written letter from Big Daddy himself.

You are not authorized to monitor data or traffic of any kind on any of the networks, system(s) or servers without express written owner authorization. Additonally, you may not interfere with the service of any Domain Hosting Solution user and this includes the use of mail-bombimg,spamming, flooding and all deliberate attempts to overload a system with broadcasted attacks.

You will not use an internet account or computer without the express consent of the owner. This includes the collection of email addresses, screen names and other identifiers without consent of the person identified. This includes phishing, internet scamming, robbing passwords, spidering and/or info-harvesting. you are not allowed to use information without the express consent of the person who owns it, PERIOD.

You cannot use false, deceptive or misleading TCP-IP packet header information in email or newsgroup postings. Additionally, you may not use this service for distribution of software that covertly harvests or gathers information about a user or transmits information about the user. Nor are you allowed to use this service to distribute advertisement delivery software unless: a) the user consents to a download and installation of said software based on a clear and conspicuous notice of the nature of the software and b) the software is easily removable through the use of standard tools included on major operating systems like Microsofts Uninstall (Add/Remove) program.

Any act that is likely to cause retaliation to Big Daddy's network, web site, system, employee's, officers or other agents including any behavior that results in any of our servers being the target of an attack and more specifically a denial of service attack (DoS), constitutes "abuse."

Offensive Content

You may not publish or transmit using Big Daddy's networks, systems or servers and equipment any content or links to any content that is reasonably believed, consitutes, fosters or promotes child-pornography, bestiality and/or otherwise hard-core pornography, is excessively violent, threatens violence or contains hate speech or harassing content. Additonally, you will not publish or transmit content that is unfair or deceptive under consumer protection laws of ANY/ALL jurisdictions. This includes chain letters and pyramid schemes. Furthermore, no content that is defamatory or violates a persons privacy will not be published or transmitted using Domain Hosting Solution networks, systems and servers. This behavior will constitute immediate account suspension.

You may not publish or transmit using Domain Hosting Solution networks, systems or servers and equipment any content or links that create a risk to any persons safety or health or creates a risk to public safety, compromises national security or interferes with law enforcment in ANY way. Exposing trade-secrets or any other confidential or proprietary information is prohibited.

Stashing Images on Servers

Domain Hosting Solution monitors its networks and servers closely in order to provision our clients with the fastest possible means to display their sites to the end-users. We do not allow images to be stored without being displayed on the site the account is assigned. Images linked to from elsewhere place large and unpredictabe demands on system servers and slow them down. Therefore, we must insist that ALL images stored on DHS servers be displayed within the cPanels web site(s).

Special Promotions, Sales and Give Aways

Due to the nature of the promotions we offer, there will never be enough of a product or enough time to promote a product in order to satisfy everyone. As a result, special promotions will always be time limited but may or may not have those time constriants openly posted. We reserve the right to post how much of a special promotional product is available or how much time is available to promote a new product or service.

Our goal is to sell hosting and the merchandise we give away in the course of selling hosting is genuine and available. We will do everything within our control to remove advertisements once they expire. However, it is the users (your) responsibility to conduct due diligence ahead of time and make sure to read ALL advertisements in order to satisfy the criteria so you can obtain your prize. We want to give the merchandise away but we write the specific rules so everyone can have a fair shot at winning or obtaining whatever it is we are giving away.